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Some Love.golf Testimonials
from the Class of 2016!

I have golf so absorbing I totally concentrate on my game such as it is, I have made some great
friends through golf.
Blanche Power

Love.golf is great fun, confidence building. I recommend you have a go and don’t worry! Who would have thought that we were actually playing golf in the rain
and enjoying ourselves! Thank you,Nicola, looking forwards to the next lessons.
Hazel Davies
Our love.golf group at first comprised of my friend and I, those initial sessions with Nicola certainly gave us a confidence boost but it was when we amalgamated with another group that the philosophy of the love.golf became clearer.  As part of a larger group of like ability beginners my confidence out on the course, and that of everyone else’s, increased with the encouragement and camaraderie.  Nicola’s expert tuition whether on the course or in the range as a group or individually is always positive and everyone made progress.  The balance between the sociable, fun side and the tuition to improve our skills is ideal.  I very much look forwards to the follow-on course in the spring.
Sian Priestland

My friend suggested I join the love.golf programme so I joined the group in the middle of their 1st project.  Having retired I had wanted an interest which would enable me to enjoy fresh air, exercise and friendship.  Love.golf has certainly fulfilled my wishes.  I didnt have the confidence to play with club members but learning to play in the company of others at a similar level has been great fun.  We have laughed at our poor shots and encouraged each other to persevere when progress has seemed slow.  
Getting out onto the course straight away gives opportunity to socialise which is a greatbenefit.  Golf isnt coming easily to me but I love it and am delighted that our group is going to continue with a follow-on course in the Spring.  Our Golf Pro, Nicola organised bespoke golf holiday in Spain for my buddy and I which we enjoyed despite the snow!  I am looking forward to another golf trip with Nicola the March when we can once again benefit from our Golf Pro’s expert coaching.
Helen Starkey

I had thought about taking up golf on retirement so when the opportunity of love.golf came along I was thrilled.  I joined the group late after some 3 weeks but really enjoyed my first lesson which went well and gave me confidence that I could hold my own within the group.  It was good to have some tuition in the range too and then know you would have a chance out on the course.  It was also good for forming a group to practise outside the lessons.  Looking forward to some warmer weather to improve and enjoy.
Rhian Perks

When starting Love Golf I was really anxious about the whole golf etiquette & game. Put at ease being with similar standard of players, especially all women. Before starting I thought golf was boring, full of old fogies waste of time.......how wrong I was. It's fun, great exercise & motivation not to mention great company. Very self conscious for the first few lessons but but at ease by everyone and great getting out onto the course. Have loved being part of a group & learning from the others. Being part of a supportive group when I've been struggling has kept me coming back and not giving up. You mentioned at the start to keep a journal which I didn't do. I really wish I had, just for myself to see.
It would have been a great thing to look back on & see how I was improving (I've now started one, better late than never). The best thing about the scheme is a relaxed friendly, no pressure (apart from myself) oh and the wonderful pro!!!!!!!! The on going lessons are going to be great & looking forward to going to other local courses and meeting other groups.  I Feel fitter, happier and enjoying a new lease of life with great friends. Not to mention the bespoke snow holiday
Tracey Dix

When I joined love.golf I went with an open mind.. I knew I was either going to love it or hate it.. well I love it!  It was a fantastic way to start golf with no pressure on having the clubs and all the clothes and kit.  Perfect example of try before you buy!
Our group was fabulous... so much fun and laughter and we are all so supportive of each other it just didnt matter when I was shocking. I love love love all the new wonderful friends I have made and I love the game, even though Im not much good but I am definitely trying.
Louise Jenkins

Golf was a boring game with too many silly ruleslove golf taught me to love the game with all its frustrations and joys, still think some of the rules are daft but others make sense.  Best bit was the brilliant group of friends I met and the love and laughter we now share within and outside golf.
I have new friends, improved fitness new challenges every time I pick up a club and a sense of pride with the good shots. I highly recommend it, I have signed my sister up for the next season!
Jan Kingston

Though I was going to find it boring but was so wrong it was great fun, no one was more surprised than me.  What a great group friends we have met, enjoyed every session.
Claire Hutchins
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