Improve your feel on the greens!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Fed up of an inconsistant putting stroke?  Hit the ball way too far past or way too short? 

Most people who struggle with their putting will either stab or quit on their putting stroke, resulting in a putt that is too short; or they might use their hands too much creating too much clubhead speed resulting in a putt that is too long.  Today we are talking about the former.

Creating better distance control:

When a golfer over hits their putts, they will usually try to control the distance by effort level (or jab it)

To create a better pendulumn stoke (not a quitting one or jabbing) we must concentrate on creating an even putting stroke back and through the ball.

Distance Control Drill:

  • Place two tee pegs in the green at an equal distance apart suitable for the length of putt you are practising.
  • Place the ball dead in the middle of either tee peg, a couple of inches inside their line (so you don’t hit the tee with the ball on the way through).
  • Now putt.

The idea is that you reach both tees in your stroke.

Unequal length swing – you should be able to identify immediately any jabbing or quitting in your putting stroke. 

Find the pendulum –

Repeat the drill.  At first you will probably go past the second peg and hit the ball too far, but you will soon work out how to balance swing lengths.

More consistent distance control -

A pendulum retains speed through the bottom of its arc, keeping the putter moving at a constant pace for longer, that is why its rhythm delivers more consistent distance control.


Record your putting stroke before you work on the drill and again afterwards, because it always helps to see the stroke for yourself.  Either ask a friend to record you or prop your phone up on the ground (use a headcover or golf towel to hold it upright), you only need from the hands down.

Often what you think is happening isn't always the case!

Improve your feel on the greens!