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Kids Classes

Golf is a wonderful sport you can play throughout your entire life; you can enjoy it alone, with friends or with family because you don’t play against the individual but yourself and the course.


Sunday Weekly classes - Click here for details.

Monday Weekly classes - Click here for details.

School Holiday Golf Camps - Click here for details.


Tuesday Weekly Classes and School Holiday Golf Camps - Click here for details.

“Junior Passport to Golf” Programme:      (Under 9’s)
Children discover and explore while we introduce the game of golf in an environment that is dynamic and child-centred. Our classes will cultivate their excitement for the game while developing the necessary physical and golf-specific skills that will enhance their enjoyment of the sport.  


Golf Union of Wales Programme:     (over 9’s – classes split suitable to age and ability)

We build upon the level one program to extend and enrich fundamental golf skills of the game. However, higher level physical and academic skills are introduced to these older golfers. We continue to nurture their love for golf and delve deeper into key concepts.

All classes will be a mixture of practise area lessons and on course lessons.  It is usual for children to repeat the programmes several times before moving up, as it is essential they learn, understand and maintain learned skills.

*Please note: Age ranges for different program levels are guidelines only. All classes will take place regardless of weather, during poor weather indoor activities will take place to ensure continued development for the game of golf.

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