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Golf Psychology

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“Every Golfers Dream Workshop” – lower your scores without changing your swing!

Who am I and why do I think I can help you?

I played golf at a very high standard at a very young age, I was in the Senior ladies Welsh team when I just turned 16.  I was always flabbergasted that people thought I was one of the top golfers in Wales.  I went on coaching weekends away and had tremendous support on technique and skills training.  But I knew that wasn’t my problem, I was a natural golfer.  My problems were with my mental strength.  Yes I’m competitive but that just made me more nervous not focused. So for me, if I had received coaching to gain a stronger mental game then I would have reached my potential as a player.  I believed at the time that “I just didn’t have IT”, but now I know that is not true because “IT” can be learned.

I have dedicated a lot of time, research and study to golf Psychology, because I want to help the average Club golfer to improve their enjoyment of their game now whether that is through their technique or mental strength or both then that is great.  If you want to drop your handicap and enjoy your golf more you have to change something and changing your driver or putter isn’t really going to help in the long run.

You may think well think “ I’m not looking to be an International golfer, I’m too old, I’m not good enough”.  But reaching your potential is all subjective, it only matters about what you want to achieve and what makes you happy with your golf.

So, everything you will learn in the workshops is not determined on ability or age or gender.  Your success from these workshops will be down to how open you are and how you take this away and work on the skills and techniques I give you.  But I do guarantee that you will succeed if you take fully on board.

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